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Communicate your brand identity through office design

Each business is unique with its own brand identity, which is associated with every visible element representing the brand, from color, design, logo, to font, mascots, and so on. In office design, embodying brand identity in the workplace design is one of the most essential things to start with.

Why is this important to embody brand identity in your office design?

Reinforce brand’s values

When your office design is created with brand identity, the company’s message will be delivered consistently throughout the brand colors, logo, mascots. The brand story, company’s goals and visions are also reinforced through the branded furniture and elements in the design.

Enhance customer’s experience

When your clients or customers make their first visit to the physical office, the unique brand identity in the office design is the first thing that leaves them with an impression about the company. In other words, the office space works as the window to reflect the brand’s personality and culture, as well as communicate the values to the visitors.

Your customers can recognize your brand better through consistent design, foster trust between customers and company, especially when your company has multiple branches across the world.

Engage employees

Office design with clear brand identity is an effective way for internal branding. By interacting with the brand name, logo at the receptionist, brand color across the office space on a regular basis, employees can actually access all of the touchpoints of a brand, through the space, and create a powerful connection with the company. It fosters a sense of belonging, and their emotional attachment to the brand, thus boosting their dedication and satisfaction at work.

How to incorporate Brand identity in your company’s office design?

A Unified Brand Theme

No matter what types of office layout, forms and functions, or decoration your business wants to go after, they should be created under the company’s branding theme. Brand identity in the office design is all about consistency, unique and unified. From the receptionist, and the hallway to the workspaces or meeting rooms, the company’s brand should be diligently arranged and built to deliver the brand’s concept.

When designing the office for Dentsu Aegis, our designers use the umbrella concept of Clean & Bright space, blending the colors representing the DAN brand, delivering the message of the client that DAN team members – are united under one roof of DAN, regardless of their departments or brands.

Dentsu Project - Huynchi


Through the office layout, people can tell the type of work, workflow, aesthetics, communication, and even the company’s branding. However, there is not a right or wrong office layout for a business. For example, a financial brand with a professional brand image might prefer a privacy-oriented layout with private rooms. Creative agencies comprehend themselves as dynamic through Open-Plan Office Layout, while it is popular for young start-up companies to use co-working spaces with innovative and breakthrough brand images.

In the project to design the office for FPT Smart Cloud (FCI) – a member of FPT Corporation, Huynchi has created a high-performance workplace with a variety of settings to reinforce the brand identity, emphasize efficiency, cohesion, and flexibility, as well as the creative spirit of the leading technology company.

Brand Colour & Graphics

Brand colors and logos are the most visible elements that can signify the brand identity. Those elements should be distributed throughout the office design following the main concept. The most common practices you can find in the office design is the receptionist area where the logo and company colors are strongly presented.


However, corporate identity is much more than just a color or a logo. It is about the brand vision, philosophy, a culture, or/and an attitude that the company wants to communicate in their office. Therefore, a highly-evaluated workplace design will embody sophisticatedly those aspects to elevate the brand experience.

There’s lot of rooms for embodying brand identity using furniture. People will decode the brand identity through those visual identification elements.

For example, hanging up awards or certificates, plaques or trophies earned by the company or employees, which will definitely impress the clients who stop by your office, and encourage emotional attachment from employees.

Adding the fitness room and relaxing zone in the workplace is another cue that reflects the employees’ well-being from the company.

Workplace is not only the physical location, but also a marketing tactic to increase the corporate’s reputation.

Office design is seen as the statement about the brand. And it’s a powerful statement if the corporate knows how to use it correctly.