HUYNCHI carries out a suite of workplace surveys, based on our research and knowledge of the workplace, that are easy to use and help gain deeper insights about how our client’s people really work. The goal is to dynamically align our client’s work patterns with the work environment to enable peak performance and reduce costs, while enhance health and wellness; and help designing harder working spaces.


Our workplace consultants gain a deep understanding of our client’s business – from its needs and goals, to its people, culture, existing systems, policies and technology. This forms the canvas upon which we design workplace strategies.


We meet with key personnel across the business to understand our clients’ needs from the eyes of its leaders. These conversations help us build a more detailed picture of our clients’ overall vision and future space requirements

Staff surveys

To understand what our client’s employees need from their office, we use a survey that identifies the key elements that help and hinder staff in the workplace. The results help form an evidence based design brief for our clients’ new workplaces.

Property Evaluation

To understand the physical limitations of property against clientss requirements | To understand the physical and statutory constraints of properties and how these affect the design and financial impact of achieving clients’ objectives