Qorvo - Huynchi - Workplace Design Build Company


Qorvo is an American leading semiconductor company. With 30 years of development and expansion, Qorvo now has over 8,000 employees, 46 office locations across 19 countries. Qorvo Capital’s global headquarters enlisted Huynchi to design and build a new office in Vietnam for their 120 staff and a 200 square meters laboratory as a part of the global expansion strategy in 2019.


Where technology and human being are on the same wavelength

The Qorvo project was conceived with the aim of creating a tech-inspired environment that encourages engagement from talented people of the company, and supports growth and innovation.

The new office must satisfy the aspect of cultural harmonization after the acquisition of Active-Semi International while sustaining the brand identity, and comply with complex technical standards for the laboratory, which is an exceptional requirement for the office design.